So you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo..

..but don’t know what to get, you’re not alone.

I remember being introduced to someone at a night club who had a left arm sleeve that’s style stood out more distinctly than any other tattoo I had seen before it. From that moment onwards I never looked at tattoos the same way again.

I said to myself “I need to find out who did that tattoo”.
After bombarding him with questions, I found out that one of his mates also had some of this artist’s work. They both seemed to wear it as a collectable piece of unique art. After scrolling through Sam Clark’s work on Instagram, I had met three other people in a small timeframe with immediately identifiable pieces that I could tell was from this very artist.

Walking in the city one day I saw someone’s chest tattoo and said “SAM CLARK” out loud. This generated a conversation with me mentioning that I’ve been trying to get in contact with Sam Clark since seeing his work on Instagram. This stranger said the artist was a good friend of his and to mention his name.

As with many of the in-demand tattoo artists, the influx of people contacting them means it is quite difficult to make contact

Upon getting in contact with Sam Clark, I told him the kind of things I liked and where exactly I wanted my new tattoo. Then on the day of my appointment, I was shown the designs for the first time and absolutely fell in love with them. There is no way I could have come up with that myself, and knowing no one in the whole world would be wearing this design besides me, made it feel incredibly special.

My suggestion?

Get on Instagram and start following these incredible artists that I constantly showcase @backinktime
When you find a style of tattoo that you love the look of, contact an artist who does a lot of work in that style because not every tattoo artist can do every style of tattoo.
To become professional at a specific style, these artists spend a lot of time perfecting it – never get someone who prefers Japanese style tattooing to do your realistic colour portrait!

Speak to that artist about your ideas and your tattooist will create something personal and unique that is just for you. Give your artist creative freedom and you’ll be in awe of what they design!

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