First Tattoo Info

The Best Tattoo Studio in Adelaide for Your First Tattoo Experience!

Though approaching a new studio may be intimidating, we pride ourselves on our customer service and giving people a friendly, fun and memorable tattoo experience from the moment they enter our studio up until they leave with a piece we are both proud to call ours.Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our Google & Facebook reviews!

Approaching a studio

If you feel welcomed and comfortable when you walk in the studio that’s a good sign.
No one likes being treated like just a number, especially when you want to work with an artist to create a tattoo that will be on you for the rest of your life.
We believe you should always select a tattoo studio by the quality of the artist’s tattoos AND the quality of service provided, don’t select a tattoo studio based on their availability or their low prices. There is no truer saying than, “Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good”.
We believe it is a good point of reference to know other studios pricing, but shopping around for the cheapest quote wont leave you with the best tattoo.
There will ALWAYS be someone willing to do your tattoo cheaper, but its best to wait until you can save up enough money to get a great tattoo. Your future self will thank you!

Choosing your tattoo style

These days there are so many tattoo styles, so its always best to do a lot of research to make sure what ones you would eventually like to get. Personally I have pretty much every tattoo style all over my body due to my obsession with tattoos, but the problem is now many of them don’t match and flow nicely together. So no matter how much I love every individual tattoo, from a far many of my black & grey tattoos don’t blend together well with my heavy colour tattoos..
A great resource for tattoo styles are the tattoo sharing pages on Instagram. They will show you the vast array of what tattoo styles are achievable on skin, and you may even fall in love with a style that you never knew existed.

Choosing an artist

Usually if you are ready to look for an artist, you should have a fair idea of what you’d like to get. So this means finding an artist who you can see similar style of tattoos to your idea in their portfolio. Though if you are wanting a small tattoo and you cant find anything like it, it doesn’t mean the artist cant perform that tattoo well, they may not have posted any of those images on their social media, so you should ask your artist to see examples of their similar works.
Getting a great tattoo we believe requires both input from yourself and your artist.
So ask to have a consult with your artist or someone in the studio very familiar with how they work (this could be their assistant, apprentice or the studio manager).

Can you help me with with my idea?

If you have an idea and don’t know where on your body you’d like to get it, we can help by showing you the best places to put it, but in the end the decision is always yours and we need our clients to be 100% with the design before we begin.

Whether you have an idea of what you want or are wanting to see what kind of styles our artists work in, we can sit with you for a FREE CONSULTATION to talk about your idea no matter how vague it can be.
For those who want to see some available designs that we haven’t tattooed yet, we have folders from each artist at the front desk where you may fall in love one of their available designs or even request to get something similar designed using your own ideas.

Booking in a consultation

Once you have contacted the studio for a consultation, it’s best to be prepared when you arrive. Bring some printed photo references or screenshots of designs you have found, even a really simple sketch goes a long way in helping the artist get out your idea.
Find an artist who can design / draw you a custom version, an original just for you.
It is always better than getting something tattooed that you found online as there are many other people who will have the exact design on them.

Booking in for a tattoo

Once you have had a consultation and the artist understands more about your tattoo idea, they should be able to give you a quote on how much the tattoo will be so you can have enough money with you on the day.
Sometimes it is difficult to give an exact price but a ball park figure between two price amounts should allow you to budget for the tattoo, but once the stencil is on your skin the artist will be able to give you a more accurate quote.
Size and placement will always be a determining factor in the price of a tattoo. For example, a realistic portrait on your thigh will always be much easier to tattoo as opposed to one on your ribs where the skin is more elastic and often not a flat surface like the thigh. So if you arrive to the studio for your tattoo and you want it bigger, always ask how much extra the tattoo will be so you’re not surprised once it is finished.
A rough estimation on how long it will take is always helpful information so you can be prepared on the day of your booking.

Things to do before your tattoo

Don’t drink alcohol within 24 – 36 hours before your tattoo.
Drink plenty of water and make sure you have a decent meal before you get to the studio. (we have plenty of bottled water for our clients, so help yourself)
Also keeping your blood sugar levels up will make you feel better during your session, so some of your favourite lollies are a good idea. (Otherwise we have plenty of treats for you throughout your session and there are many shops nearby if you get hungry during longer tattoo sessions).
Wear comfortable clothes that can expose the tattoo area.
(Still some clients who have come to get their leg tattooed arrive wearing tight jeans with no thought that when they take them off, they will be pants-less in our open plan studio). We do have freshly washed sarongs that can be wrapped around you to cover yourself for those who forget, but its best to wear your own old / comfortable clothing that you don’t mind accidentally getting ink on, because it can happen!

When you get to the studio to get your tattoo

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a tattoo release form every time you get tattooed. One release form wont cover every visit as it is written in local tattoo law that each individual tattoo must be recorded with the latest client information on the form.
The artist will then show you your design, size it up on your body, then once you are satisfied the artist will proceed to make the stencil and get everything prepared to do your tattoo.
The artist will then need to shave the area being tattooed as maintaining a hygienic clean surface is very important for the tattoo process. Even fine hairs can affect the placement of the stencil and the machines ability to tattoo consistently.
The artist will then place the stencil on your body and ask you to look in the mirror to give confirmation for them to begin the tattoo.
Avoid drinking coffee and energy drinks as caffeine can stop you being able to relax and often makes you more anxious and nervous.
While getting tattooed it’s great to just relax and concentrate on your breathing.
We often find it hurts less if you are also watching the tattoo, as anticipating the machines movements will avoid you being surprised each time it makes contact with your skin.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

18, and we will need to see your identification on arrival.
We have had some 16 & 17 year olds try to lie on our release forms, but if an oversight happened on our watch and we tattooed someone under-age; we would be liable to losing our ability to legally tattoo in South Australia.

Parental permission does not bypass this law.
The ONLY state in Australia where you are able to be tattooed 16 years and over with parental permission is in Western Australia. But there are still many studios over there who wont tattoo under 18’s. We believe it is always best to do your research and be patient with getting your first tattoo. We are more than happy to have a consultation and get your idea ready to tattoo, then book you in to get tattooed on your 18th birthday. Who knows, you may even change your mind multiple times before your 18th birthday which definitely shows that you shouldn’t rush into making a really permanent decision like getting a tattoo.

Do tattoos hurt?

It is all very dependent on what tattoo you get. Small tattoos and simple script and fine line work are over relatively fast and don’t require much working of the skin. Large tattoos mean getting tattooed for many hours and sometimes doing the tattoo in layers which can get very uncomfortable for some.
Generally speaking if you are a female, tattoo pain is much lesser than with males. Many of our clientele are Female and as anxious as some clients can get, they are always pleasantly surprised that it hurts much less than they expected.
Tattoo pain is tolerable and the only time it really affects clients is when you get tattooed for multiple hours in a session. We always find it funny how common tattooing hurts the big tough guys the most.
Our studio has tattooed thousands of people over the years and so far we’ve only had a small hand-full of people have to stop their session early and those are more often than not, males.
The most anxious of clientele are usually the ones who have a group of friends with them or their whole family in the studio, this adds to the pre-tattoo nerves so we definitely suggest to bring only 1 person with you for support if you feel you need it. It’s extremely rare that you wont be able to deal with the pain. Trust us to make your experience at our Adelaide tattoo parlour as comfortable and enjoyable as possible 🙂

Can I use numbing creme?

We always recommend clients to see how they go without numbing creme.
The thing about numbing creme is that it only lasts for an hour, then the pain sets in rapidly after that which in turn makes the tattoo even more painful than it would have been if you had given your pain threshold a chance to get used to the tattooing.
These numbing cremes change the skin to somewhat of a rubbery / elastic consistency which makes it harder to get the ink into the skin. This means the tattoo may need a touch up session after its healed, to bring the tattoo to the same quality as if it were finished in one session without numbing creme. Which means you may have to get tattooed twice instead of once!

Do you do cover-ups or finish another artists work?

We do many cover ups but we will definitely need to see the tattoo you would like to cover in person. We need to assess your options for a cover up and we will only take the tattoo on if we can find a way that we can leave you with a tattoo that looks better than what you have and that you will leave our studio being happy with.
We will only ever finish another artists tattoo under certain circumstances.
Some valid reasons where we will take on another artists work is if the tattoo is of extremely poor quality, if the client had a bad experience with the artist or studio or it got started interstate or overseas.
In the tattoo industry touching another artists work has been known to cause conflicts and we very much try to avoid awkward situations and any kind of drama.
Some reasons we would not take the tattoo on are possibly if we know the originating artist personally or if the the client simply just wants it finished by someone else in Adelaide.
We take these tattoo requests on case by case and we appreciate a client coming to the studio and being honest with their experiences. We will always endeavour to find a way to address the issue or give you some advice on what you should do.

Do you cover scars?

Yes. But a scar needs to be fully healed before we can cover them up, time isn’t necessarily a factor that determines if a scar is ready for the trauma of tattoo as it can make the scars more prominent if it is done before they are healed. So we suggest coming to the studio and showing us in person then we can let you know what your cover-up options are.

Tattoo Aftercare? What do I do once I get the tattoo?

It is very important to follow the specific after-care instructions your tattoo artist tells you. As each artist performs their tattoos differently and what one artist may suggest for the after-care of their tattoos may not work well for a different artists tattoos. The studio should then give you an aftercare form which gives all the information you will need to look after your tattoo. If you have any questions with how your tattoo is healing or if what you are doing is correct, don’t hesitate to call the studio and ask for an answer. We would always prefer to have a quick phone call which could possibly prevent you doing the wrong thing with your new tattoo.