Body Piercer
After being asked by clients for over two years about my recommendation for aprofessional body piercer in Adelaide, I have been unable to recommend anybody that I can vouch for. Carlo fills a void in an industry dominated by unqualified beauticians who perform these procedures with little to no experience and at a very low standard of hygeine.

Professional body Piercer

Carlo King (Instagram: @happy_stabber) has been working in his field since 2013 performing ALL types of body piercings. He has a passion for body modifications and spends his days studying, learning and researching all facets of skin penetration. With a high emphasis on educating all clients on the health, hygiene and aftercare procedures; Carlo has a great future in this industry and we are glad to have him in our team.The prices below are the minimum cost inclusive of basic jewellery, but we also carry many types of custom pieces and can order in anything you would like from our suppliers.

Carlo recommends using high quality genuine implant grade titanium (ASTM F-136), internally threaded body jewellery. The typical cheaper jewellery is externally threaded and made from low quality metals which may allow for a much slower healing process as well as inviting the risk of allergies and irritations.

We also offer free anodising as a part of our service which changes the colour of any piercing by applying a certain voltage to the metal through an electrochemical process.

Ear Piercings Facial/Oral Piercings Surface and other Body Piercings Male Genital Piercings Female Genital Piercings
Helix $55  Nostril $55  Navel $70  Prince Albert $75  Clitoral hood $75
Flat $55  Septum $60  Nipple $60 or $110 pair  Apradravya/Ampallang $75  Inner/Outer Labia $70
Tragus $55  Bridge $65  Single surface anchor $70  Frenum/lorum $75  Triangle $80
 Forward Helix $60  Vertical Bridge $90  Surface bar type $80  Scrotum/Hafada $75  Forchette $80
 Rook $55  Lip – Monroe – Philtrum -Labret – Vertical Lip -Inverse Lip – $55  Dyode $80
Conch $60  Cheeks $110 pair  Guiche $80
Daith $60  Tongue $65
Industrial $75  Smilie/Frownie $65
Large gauge punches flat or conch (2mm-8mm) $75 each or $130 pair  Nostril Punches $130
Lobe Scalpelling $130 pair  Lip Scalpel $100
As we are a new studio, if you could look us up on Google and on our Facebook page and leave us a review it would be greatly appreciated!

We hope you enjoy your piercing experience with us and as a part of our service we offer ongoing support. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Carlo directly through his Instagram: @happy_stabber or call the studio on 08 72251731